Tea Growing Regions

Tea leaf tin blackThe intensity and colour that a tea produces give insight into its place of origin, the season of its plucking and its character. A huge spectrum awaits you, deep browns, warm oranges, fruity reds, mellow yellows and fresh greens. The colour of a freshly brewed cup of tea is key to revealing the very essence of the leaf.

Light tea colour delicately aromatic, mild and smooth, for example first flush teas from Darjeeling, Sumatra, Oolong , Barisan and China Lung Ching.

Medium tea colour Brisk, aromatic ,round and floral for example second flush teas from Darjeeling and China.

Dark tea colour Highly aromatic, full bodied, robust and intensely brisk such as black teas from Assam, Japan

Tea growing regions

Assam A high plateau in Northern India straddles the Brahmaputa river is the largest growing region in the world.

Darjeeling On the southern slopes of the Himalayas in North East India unquestionably the most precious of the worlds growing regions.

Nilgiri & Southern India In the hilly uplands of the Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil and Nadu provinces; mainly cultivated by small farmers.

Ceylon Present day Sri Lanka. Tea is the most important export of Sri Lanka; the main growing areas are located in the central highlands.

Formosa Modern day Taiwan.  Produces green and blacks teas in the mountainous rural north and north east.

Indonesia The tea gardens on Java and Sumatra harvest all year round. Most tea gardens have chosen to specialise in producing for the bulk markets.

Himalayas The tea growing areas of Terai and Dooars are both south of Darjeeling

China Black tea is produced in Yunnan, Hunan , Sichuan and Keemun provinces. Most green teas and semi fermented Oolong teas come from the Anhui, Zhejiang and Fujian provinces. China is reputed to have the oldest tea gardens; cultivated for 5000 years.

Japan The first tea garden was located on Japan’s largest lake Biwa-Ko but the most important tea growing district is Shizuoka, which lies at the foot of the holy mount Fuji.

Africa Kenya and Tazaneraer produce tea in the sight of Mount Kilmonjaro. Both are comparatively young tea growing nations.


Rooiboo is a shrub similar to the tea bush, it yields a herbal tea with a bright, aromatic colour. Rooiboo is a popular national drink in South Africa.