Oolong silvertip (Tippy)


Semi-oxidised, the light golden liquor gives a soft peach blossom taste with nuances of orchids and hints of nectarine.

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Sea breezes and fog mark the tea hills of Formosa and from them emerge this dazzling tea. High grown, giving concentration to the flavour, the leaf is large and beautifully twisted with plenty of tips imparting floral aromas.


A flavour unique to Formosa, this tea should be savoured without the addition of any milk.

A sit back and contemplate pot of tea, if the best it has to offer is to be appreciated.

Brew with freshly boiled water that has been left to cool for two minutes.

Best brewed for 2-4 minutes.


Fresh produce is at the heart of everything we do and what makes our beverages taste even better

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