Yemeni Matari – African


Rich in flavour, mild fragrant taste whilst the aroma is very strong

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“The mother of all coffees”, probably all Arabica coffees in the world derive from Yemen coffee, dates back to the 6th century.

Grown on high terraces up to 3.000 metres Matari grows in the province of Bany Matar. The main arabica varieties grown are Bourbon and Typica having a locally produced variation called Matari. The trees are shaded by banana trees and fertilised by ash and organic matter. The picking season is October to December.

A dry processed coffee. The process of hulling with millstones tends to crush and break the beans. The bean is small and round and has been organically grown for 200 years.

It is shipped through the port of Mocha (Moka) which gives the name to other coffees from this area, usually Ethiopian coffee.

The flavour is rich with an exceptional mild, fragrant taste whilst the aroma is very strong. Locally it is drunk with cinnamon or ginger previously called Kawa now called Kishr.

Said to be once appreciated in the ‘Sultan Style’ in the Turkish harems.


Suitable for cafetière and filter.


Fresh produce is at the heart of everything we do and what makes our beverages taste even better

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