Indian Monsoon Malabar (Strong)

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Good body and reduced acidity



Suitable for cafetière, filter and espresso.

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Monsoon Malabar coffee is directly exposed to the monsoon winds in open warehouses, this increases the body and reduces the acidity. Picked in the Malabar region of India, this coffee is excellent as an espresso coffee when dark roasted, offering a sweetness to the brew. It also blends very well with other coffees to enhance the flavours.


Suitable for cafetière, filter and espresso.


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2 reviews for Indian Monsoon Malabar (Strong)

  1. Dean Clamp

    Wow, what a coffee. The Strong option is a must! I tried both strengths and loved them both, however the Strong was the winner. A Rich, dark and flavoursome coffee,Very versatile and at the rich and powerful end of the spectrum.

  2. Iain

    With a deep rich flavour this is easily one of my favourites. Can’t go wrong with this one

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