Black Tea

Black teas are defined by appearance, aroma and taste. Tea makers will intentionally bruise (or roll) the leaves rupturing their cell walls to distribute their flavours. As these bruised leaves are set out in special rooms, they interact with the air and gradually change from a vivid green to a coppery red. Once ready these leaves are finished in a high heat dryer. Finally the finished tea leaves are sorted by leaf size, the larger and unbroken leaves are superior grades.

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  • Almond (bitter with pieces)

  • Almond (sweet with pieces)

  • Apple with pieces

  • Apricot with flowers

  • Assam (Leaf)

  • Assam Broken Orange Pekoe (Bop)

  • Blackcurrant with leaves

  • Ceylon Decaffeinated Tea

  • Ceylon Orange Pekoe (Bop)