The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Coffee Brewing Methods

The various methods of brewing coffee are

  • Cafetiere
  • Filter
  • Espresso.

You can specify your choice of grind when you place your order.

The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Preparing the perfect cup of coffee is easy, you simply combine ground coffee with water until the brew is drinkable. If you follow these simple rules you will always ensure that a consistently good cup of coffee is made.
Os with coffee cup

  1. Make sure that the equipment you use is thoroughly cleaned.
  2. Buy fresh good quality coffee. No matter how good the coffee is; if it is stale it will not taste very nice.
  3. Prepare your coffee with fresh clean water, 98% of a cup of coffee is water therefore stale water means a bad cup of coffee.
  4. If possible grind your coffee just before brewing, this will give a fresh taste and avoid a bitter flavour in your coffee.
  5. Always use the right grind of coffee for your method of brewing.
  6. One of the most common mistakes made is that not enough coffee is used; this well result in a thin cup that lacks depth of flavour. A good rule of thumb is 2 level tablespoons to 6oz of water.
  7. Coffee should be brewed with water that is just off the boil; using boiling water will result in delicate flavours being lost. The water should be between 90-93 degrees; if the water is not hot enough you will not extract all the flavour from the coffee; ending up with a thinner cup.
  8. Stir the coffee before serving, this will move around the heavier oils, giving consistency of the coffee.
  9. Only make the amount you are going to drink, leaving the coffee in a thermos or on a warmer plate will slowly destroy its flavour. Never reheat the coffee it will taste stale and bitter.
  10. Always store the coffee in an air tight container, out of direct sunlight and away from heat.