Why buy freshly roasted coffee?

“An Inexpensive Luxury”

The answer to this question is very simple.  Coffee is at its best when it has been freshly roasted.  Comparing coffee bought off the shelf with freshly roasted coffee is like comparing plonk with a fine wine, or comparing a processed cheese triangle with a carefully crafted farmhouse cheddar.

Freshness is our number one guarantee, because freshness is the reason why Leaf and Bean exists.

Fresh Coffee Beans

No matter what coffee you choose, it should be enjoyed when it is at its optimum for flavour and aromas.  Soon after roasting, when the FRESH ROAST releases the unique bouquet and tastes of the coffees that we offer.

Coffee from supermarkets is commonly several weeks and even several months old.  This is not the supermarkets fault.  You just can’t deliver fresh coffee when you are dealing in bulk roasting.  Next time you are in the supermarket check out the best for date.  It is usually months away because the coffee is already stale compared with a freshly roasted product.

We prefer “the very best by date” so that you enjoy your coffee as it is meant to be enjoyed.  Properly packaged and stored, we recommend that this is three weeks from roasting for the lighter roasts and four weeks for the darker roasts.

This is why we roast to your orders, grind the coffee to your order, then pack your freshly roasted coffee in a one way vented bag designed to maintain freshness.

We hope you discover that we sell a memorable and quality product and we aim always to back that up with a quality service and delivery.

The freshly roasted coffee that you order can be savoured the following day enjoying a world of difference.